The Danish Underground Consortium (DUC) is a joint venture between Total  (31.2 %), Shell (36.8 %), Chevron (12 %) and Nordsøfonden (20 %) cooperating to recover oil from the Sole Concession holder’s area of the Danish North Sea.

DUC accounts for the majority of the Danish oil and gas produced and is the owner of the key points of the infrastructure of all activity in the Danish sector of the North Sea. The sole concession covers 1,635.7 km² of the Danish shelf.

DUC was established in 1962 and originally, the DUC consisted of A.P. Møller, Shell and Gulf, the latter acting as the operator. Within a few years Texaco and Chevron joined the consortium. In 1974 Gulf withdrew and Maersk took over as the operator. In 2012 Denmark’s Nordsøfonden joined the DUC as a 20% state-owned partner.